What To Look For In A Mortgage Lender

What To Look For In A Mortgage Lender


1. Face to face accountability mixed with online capabilities

You don’t want a loan originator who hides behind a phone. They are trained sales people and you need to be able to hold sales people accountable or they will tell you whatever they need to in order to get you on the hook.

With this said you can’t be in the stone ages.

You need to have e-signatures, e-upload, and digital progress trackers; but these should complement your face to face access, not replace it.

2. While you’re shopping rates, take note at how quickly you’re responded to

If they take the time to call you versus email only, and if you actually ENJOY talking to the person.

This is going to be a 30 day process from contract to close so you better like the person.

Again, these are a sales people.

If they can’t fake it hard enough for you to like them during the sales process, imagine how they’ll be to work with after they already have your commitment.

They better be lightening-quick to your responses while selling you because turn time on those responses will probably slow during the underwriting process.

3. DO NOT make pricing your sole deciding point.

Getting a competitive rate is important, but that doesn’t mean selling your soul for $9/mo.

The most important thing is getting the job done within the required timeframe as pain-free as possible.

If the job isn’t done right you can lose due diligence money, appraisal and inspection costs, and potentially your dream home.

Referrals from non compensated, non affiliated people you trust is the best way to know if the company you choose can accomplish the task.

Source by Paul Carini

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