Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients


  • Progressive Lending Solutions has an abundant array of loan resources, through various underwriting systems with first class reputations.  Our priority is providing fast and efficient approvals utilizing the industry’s most advanced origination software, all while maintaining a very safe and secure loan processing system and environment.

Each of our licensed local professionals are committed to providing you with continuous communication, fast approvals and excellent customer satisfaction from initial application  to final closing and beyond!


  • At Progressive Lending Solutions, we do not work for any one bank, instead we have access to numerous mortgage underwriting systems and programs allowing us to research the best solutions for our clients.

The typical financial institution or bank is restricted to offering only the programs within their portfolio – limiting your options.  We are much different.  We work with you and for you to locate the best possible loan that fits your needs and goals.  Our trained and licensed professionals provide FREE consultations to anyone looking to purchase or refinance real estate.


  • Progressive Lending Solutions is a leading full service mortgage corporation with an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff who will work closely with you offering consultation and support in recommending loan solutions that meet your financial situation. PLS specializes in properties in all parts of MN and WI.

We learned a long time ago that there is so much more to the mortgage business than crunching numbers and calculating interest rates.  It’s about helping people realize their dreams with homeownership goals.


Progressive Lending Solutions ensures you get the best product options available. Our processing, underwriting and licensed origination team keeps current with interest rates and the mortgage industry updates.


Progressive Lending Solutions has taken pride in our unique ability to offer the most complete selection of home financing options available. All loans do not fit the same people, and we know that.


Progressive Lending Solutions prides itself on incorporating unparalleled services with timely and accurate responses to our clients. We have an A+ BBB and customer satisfaction rating.


With being in business for over 17 years, Progressive Lending Solutions is leading full-service mortgage corporation that specializes in properties in all parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. We live here and we know the area.


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If you have a Realtor we will be in touch with them immediately.  If you do not have a Realtor we will help you select one in the area of your home search.  With the geographical and demographical preferences you have supplied, your Realtor will provide you with ample homes to view in that area.  Based on your specific requirements, the Realtor will set up showings for you to view homes. At any time that you feel comfortable with the asking price and the home itself, you are free to put in an offer. 


We will work closely with you, your realtor and the title company to ensure all aspects of the purchasing process are being completed. Early on, we will supply your Realtor with a pre-approval letter so that you can begin home shopping in the price range you are qualified for. You can be assured that communication is at the top of our priority list!  When an offer is accepted, WE GO TO WORK!  The loan process begins and your Loan Consultant will finish the final loan approval process.  Our goal is to make this simple and seamless, allowing you more time to focus on making the move for you and your family!


We have gained their trust with our commitment to our clients. Here are just a few of our Better Business Bureau Reviews:

“I don’t have any questions. I enjoyed working with you! I’m very happy we were able to refinance. You were very professional and helpful in answering my questions and clear about what you needed from us!”

Gail • WI

“I was very pleased with your work on Doug’s home purchase. One of the most important aspects of working with a lender for me is communication – being kept informed of the progress (or problems if they arise). Great Job!”

Shirlee – Realtor • MN

“It was a pleasure working with you on our refinancing, especially since I am very busy and probably not the easiest person to get the necessary documentation from. Thanks again for your help and patience!”

Jason and Rebecca • WI

“We appreciate all that you have done for us! The window always looked like it was painted shut, but i the end you were the one who opened the door for us and we would both like you to know how grateful we are for that! Thank you!”

Dan and Joann • WI

“Our experience with Progressive Lending and our LC was seamless. They were able to get us the lowest interest rate available and the personal time it took us to put the deal together was less than minimal. The entire process was a breath of fresh air and PLS was great to work with! I have recommended them to my family and friends.”

Tim • MN

Addendum is a wonderful place with highly experienced experts! With their help I bought my first apartment and I’m happy now!

Emma Zacks

These guys are great! Me and my wife are very satisfied with all the services we got. I’m definitely recommending Addendum to everybody!

John Doe

Skilled experts, low rates, wide selection of houses and various options for clients – what else can be needed! Awesome services and great staff!

Mary Fox

As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that designers, now more than ever, have to design with a mobile-first mentality.

Hassan Abaza

As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that designers, now more than ever, have to design with a mobile-first mentality.

Irene Doe

As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that designers, now more than ever, have to design with a mobile-first mentality.

Paul Walker


When the loan process begins your Progressive Lending Home Mortgage Consultant will be with you from start to finish.  They will provide you exceptional communication throughout the process.


When an offer is accepted, we go to work. The loan process begins and we work with all parties involved (Realtor, Appraiser, Title, Closer) to make that your closing is successful, simple, and seamless.


Progressive Lending Solutions takes pride in the ability to offer you the most complete selection of Home Financing options available today.  We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and referral partners.  That is the secret to our sucess!

We work as a single united team, are market leading mortgage professionals and we give our clients the highest quality advice possible.


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