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December 2017

The VA Offers Loan Programs For Fixer Upper Homes

One of the many uniqueness of a VA guaranteed loan is the possibility of buying a house and using some […]

November 2017

Simple Budgeting Tips – What Are Some of the Items Found in a Typical Household Budget?

If you’re new to budgeting, you’re probably wondering where to start. That’s easy, you should start by looking at your […]

Personal Budget – 7 Guidelines That Will Help You Plan a Working Budget

Setting up your personal budget requires a hands-on approach. The following guidelines will help you plan a working budget to […]

October 2017

The Rights That Go With Real Property

The rights that go with real property can be summed up by the term appurtenances.

When real property is sold, appurtenant […]

September 2017

How to Explain Derogatory Credit

As part of the loan process, your borrower may be required to provide an explanation for derogatory credit such as […]

August 2017

How to get a mortgage

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make.

And if you’re like much of the population, you’ll need a […]

What Should A Lender LOI Include?

A Lender LOI or also a Letter of Interest is a document that a Commercial Mortgage Broker or Lender will […]

3 Credit Scores – The Importance of Getting All 3 Credit Bureau Scores

A good or bad credit score is a direct representation of you and your financial status.

Your credit can also be […]

Bad Credit – How to Repair a 400 Credit Score

If your credit score is absolutely dismal you’re right to worry.

Fortunately this is not the end of the road and […]

July 2017

Significance of Home Inspection Before Buying or Selling

Performing home inspection before buying or selling the property is good both the parties involved in the deal.

Having a good […]