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September 2017

How to Explain Derogatory Credit

As part of the loan process, your borrower may be required to provide an explanation for derogatory credit such as […]

August 2017

3 Credit Scores – The Importance of Getting All 3 Credit Bureau Scores

A good or bad credit score is a direct representation of you and your financial status.

Your credit can also be […]

Bad Credit – How to Repair a 400 Credit Score

If your credit score is absolutely dismal you’re right to worry.

Fortunately this is not the end of the road and […]

June 2017

6 Types of Bankruptcy

In the United States there are six types of bankruptcy, as outlined by Title 11 (aka the Bankruptcy Code) of […]

January 2017

How To Improve Your Credit

If you have had credit problems, be prepared to discuss them honestly with a mortgage professional. Responsible mortgage professionals know […]

November 2015

Things to Know About Home Buying Mortgages and Refinance

Spending time with an experienced Loan Consultant can save you time, money and unnecessary stress.
The […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding your credit score and knowing that a FICO score is a credit score developed by Fair Isaac & Co. […]

Facts and Fallacies About Credit Scores

Fallacy: My score determines whether or not I get credit
Fact: Lenders use a number of facts to make credit decisions, […]

Credit Report Errors and Mistakes

Credit report errors and mistakes do happen. It is very possible that you have credit […]

Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding your credit report is important beacause your Credit Rating follows you where you are and […]